Carlos Beltran is the Millionth Person to Interview for Yankees Manager

In an off-season filled with managerial firings and hirings across the MLB, only one team now remains without a skipper: the New York Yankees.

The Bronx team is proving to be more indecisive than the rest, interviewing and considering at least five candidates for the job, including former tormentor of the Red Sox, Aaron Boone.

Now, a barely-retired Carlos Beltran will reportedly interview with his former team tomorrow. He played parts of three seasons with the Yankees and also spent seven seasons with the New York Mets. He’s openly said that New York is his forever home.

Beltran would be the latest in a trend of young manager hires this year. The Red Sox hired Alex Cora and the Philadelphia Phillies have former Red Sock Gabe Kapler, both 42, at the helm for 2018. Of course, they’re several years removed from playing the game, whereas Beltran played on this year’s world champion Houston Astros. Player-managers were a common thing in the earlier decades of baseball, but fell out of popularity long ago. It would be interesting to see Beltran go straight into managing some of his former teammates, including Aaron Judge, who he was locker-mates with in 2016.

Who do you think should and will get the job?


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