Carlos Beltran Isn’t a Bad Managerial Choice. Just Not Now

The New York Mets are currently in the middle of searching for a new Manager, and a name that is being thrown around a lot is former outfielder Carlos Beltran.

It was surprising to hear that the future hall of famer is coming in for an interview, since it was reported that he did not want to manage at this time. Once it was reported that he was interviewing for the job, many people became split on who they believe should be the manager. Beltran’s baseball IQ is obviously through the roof. He played under some of the best managers of all time, and learned a lot from each of them. His playing career obviously speaks for itself as well, as the former star will have a plaque in Cooperstown one day.

But for now, Carlos Beltran should not be the top choice for Brodie van Wagenen and his staff.

The top choice should be the guy who has managed and won a World Series in New York, a guy who knows how to handle the media, which in New York is the most ruthless groups of reports known to man. That guy is Joe Girardi. His teams with the Yankees were always in contention, and even when they missed the playoffs, they always competed. He is a manager who does not take anything from anybody, he is not a “yes man”, and he wants to do things his way. He also knows how to handle big time talent, which the Mets have.

Beltran can be a great manager one day, he is as smart of a baseball mind you can find, but the current state of the Mets being what it is, they need a manager with experience in the dugout, and Joe Girardi is that guy.



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