Carlos Santana Saw his Teammates Playing Fortnite During A Losing Streak Last Year and Beat the TV to Death with a Baseball Bat

 The Philadelphia Phillies had a pretty bad collapse late last season. They were in first place on August 1st, then proceeded to spectacularly shit the bed and ended the season two games below .500.

For first-year Phillie Carlos Santana, a veteran coming from a winning culture with the Indians, losing wasn’t part of his plans. You know what else wasn’t in his plans?


Epic Games

Yes, as it turns out the only thing that Carlos Santana hates more than the city of Philadelphia is teammates playing Fortnite.

The story goes that while the Phillies were in the midst of an extended losing streak in late September, a handful of Phillies teammates were playing the popular game in the clubhouse. Santana, who definitely does not like to “take the L”, saw this moment of lack of commitment to voice his displeasures in the form of smashing the TV with a baseball bat.

Billy Beane would be proud.

If you want the full article from Jeff Passan, by all means, give it a read. It’s a fascinating look into how fucked up the Phillies became under the watch of first-year manager Gabe Kapler. It just so happens that the TV smashing was the penultimate, and most hilarious, incident of them all. 

For the record, good for you Carlos Santana. Fortnite Sucks ass.

Photo by USA Today Sports


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