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What A Great Start To 2017.

I am not exaggerating I swear! the start of 2017 has been great for Boston sports. The Sports Gods really has blessed Boston This 2017 from a Superbowl win, to the Bruins finally making it back to ┬áthe Postseason after a few seasons of obscurity and the Celtics […]

Congrats Butch

Mr. Cam Neely has finally made a decision I can stand firmly behind 100% The Dropping of Associate in front of the Head Coach when referring to Bruce Cassidy the Boston Bruins new Bench General. I love this move simply for the fact that “Butch” has not only […]

Watch Out For The B’s!

Unfortunately, we had to suffer one of the many playoff loses the Bruins have had today. As much as it kills us, we can only look forward to next season. ┬áThe Bruins have the perfect building blocks to have a team that can be a contender for the […]