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  • Why Danny Ainge won’t do a damn thing at the Trade Deadline

    By Michael ONeill

      NBA fans countrywide have simply been losing their minds since the All-Star break, all due to Vlade Divac’s impulsiveness to pull the trigger on a one sided Demarcus Cousins trade. History repeats itself I suppose.

      I’m still hoping that Boogie Cousins sticks to his word and leaves New Orleans at the end of the season. But that is a tough sell considering he believes he and his new partner Anthony Davis “could wreak havoc on the NBA” over the next 30 games. The Pelicans could very well push for the 8 seed and end up being a potential matchup problem for the Warriors in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs.

       This trade is easily the worst in the NBA since Danny “Ocean” Ainge pulled off his major heist of receiving 3 First Round Draft Picks, and the rights to swap picks in 2017 for aging Hall of Famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, while throwing in Jason Terry and D.J White for good measure.

       So what exactly is my point here? It’s that Danny Ainge is looking to screw a desperate GM over in an unfair trade. Sorry Danny, we’re not getting a superstar without giving up Marcus Smart or Jae Crowder. If Avery Bradley were healthy you might be able to deal him for Chicago Bulls Star Jimmy Butler. Crowder has been in a lot of the talks, particularly with Chicago, and I quite frankly don’t blame Ainge for not giving up a great defender such as Crowder, as well as one of our next two picks.

        To me, this years 2017 pick is extremely valuable, especially since a lot of people want to complain about how we need a legitimate shooter on the Celtics. There are a lot of talented guards in this draft so it would make sense for us to keep it. I would consider our 2018 pick to be more expendable than a potential first overall pick. Once the pick is a definite first overall it will have much more value to it, which is huge leverage for Ainge come draft time.

        At this moment the big names the Celtics are pursuing are Paul George, Jimmy Butler, and Andre Drummond. These are three huge names no dispute, but do we need to jump on one of them now? Yes they will look great in green, but it’s not the time to pull the trigger. Celtics fans want a star now because we have pursued Demarcus Cousins for a very long time.  

       Bottom line is that the Celtics don’t need to blow up their roster for a ring less superstar. If we move for Drummond, then Cousins is completely out of the picture in the offseason. In my opinion, we need a rebounder and a physical presence more than we need another stretch guard. Paul George would fit the system best, but Larry Bird is not going to give him up without receiving assets of face value.

        Sorry to give out sour milk, but the Celtics do not have a player on their roster with the same value as George. Our picks will be involved, and we will lose one of our serious young talents. Run with the squad you have Danny, I know it is what your gut is telling you.