Porcello Just Can’t Catch a Break 

There's no denying that Porcello hasn't had the best of years as the reigning Cy Young award winner. Matter of fact, he's 4-11 with a 4.75 ERA. Even though he had a great year last year, Red Sox fans, including myself, are ruthless in their criticism of Porcello. But even when he pitches great, Porcello... Continue Reading →

Boston is a No Moose Zone

The Red Sox are in a hole at third base there is no denying it. The Red Sox farm system is depleated and there is no denying that either. Although most Sox fans refuse to accept it, there is no way for Dave Dombrowski to get an all star third baseman and keep his current... Continue Reading →

Thank You, Big Papi.

Imagine if David Ortiz never came to Boston. What if the Red Sox didn't take a chance on a young, struggling, David Ortiz? Would 2004 have happened? What about 2007 or 2013? We may never know, because David Ortiz did come to Boston, and it was the greatest thing that I have ever witnessed. Sure,... Continue Reading →

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