Mookie, Please Don’t Go

So here comes the speculation. Fans have been stressing after reports came out that Mookie Betts refused to negotiate a long term deal during the offseason. However, the good news is that Boston is still willing to talk about an extension after this season. With the MLB arbitration rules, Betts technically will not become a... Continue Reading →


Jonny Visits Boston

On Sunday the 10th through Tuesday the 12th your boy Jonny visited Boston and took in two Red Sox games. The generic Dean Pauley already wrote a great article on his view of the games, but I shall share my experience. Also, side note, I was not ferda Dean. (ferda means like for the. example,... Continue Reading →

Griffin to Boston? Please No

My exact reaction hearing Woj break today that the Boston Celtics are a front runner in the Blake Griffin sweepstakes. I didn't even know it was a sweepstake. Usually, that requires someone wanting the prize, but simply put, no team should want this prize. Blake Griffin is already out of his prime and he's 28.... Continue Reading →

5 Super Team Options for LeBron

Wow, it must suck to be LeBron James this morning. The man had extraordinary numbers throughout an NBA Finals that his team had no right in winning. And he will continue to get all the scrutiny in the World. I’m just as guilty as the next person when it comes to giving LeBron shit but... Continue Reading →

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