A busy weekend in sports and a lot of ideas running through my addled brain. David Price (***Pictured above pretending to throw a ball so he can lift his leg and urinate on a dog) should have stayed down in the minors and finished the season. Rafael Nadal won his 10th French Open... Continue Reading →


The (Media) Misadventures of David Price

@Garland_SP Thursday in New York was a golden opportunity to make up the lost ground in the division. David Price, fresh off Saturday's brilliant win, would have the ball once again. This wasn't the main story in Boston. News broke out through a number of local outlets that David Price was drastically limiting his availability... Continue Reading →

MLB Bold Predictions 

As we hit June in the MLB season we have realizations that even the boldest of MLB writers may not have predicted. The Brewers are tied with the Cubs for first place, the Twins lead everyone in the AL Central, Eric Thames can still hit and Masahiro Tanaka can't keep the ball in the yard.... Continue Reading →

Boston Bruins Offseason Plans

The Boston Bruins had a good enough roster to get them to the first round and almost past the pests that are the Senators. They had injuries as their alibi and it forced Chubby Charlie in to action because he was not going to play but good thing he did because you can see why... Continue Reading →

Ranking The 32 Starting NFL QBs

Every NFL team needs a starting QB and I've got nothing better to do today, so on overall talent here are the power rankings of all NFL QBs. 32. Whoever starts for the Jets The Jets have to be the shittiest organization the NFL has to offer, their roster is absolutely pitiful and their roster... Continue Reading →

David Ortiz is Not Coming Back

Boston is once again buzzing after a tweet sent out my Pedro Martinez early yesterday morning. Martinez tweeted Big Papi was working out an in “baseball shape”. He also mentioned the Red Sox could use another bat, which is pretty evident to anyone who has watched the team this year. However Red Sox fans need... Continue Reading →

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