This One Hurts

After a promising three game series against the Twins, where the Sox scored runs in bunches and the pitching (even in the lone loss) did its part in keeping the Red Sox in the game, they have lost all momentum during the two series that have followed. The Milwaukee Brewers, who are currently overachieving but... Continue Reading →

Celtics in 6

What an amazing game last night if you are a Celtics fan. You watch a team get absolutely obliterated on the road in Washington not once but twice. Then you seem them come home and hand out an ass whooping themselves. I’m here to breakdown the reasons why I think they were able to demolish... Continue Reading →

BIG game, And Celtics Came To Play

There you have it. In the biggest game of the year, the Celtics came to play. After winning the first two games at home they got bulldozed when they traveled to Washington. The doubters started to arise, and Boston answered with a resounding home victory. What was most impressive about the victory is that Isaiah... Continue Reading →

Blount is looking to return

The New England Patriots have issued a May 9 tender to free-agent running back LeGarrette Blount, according to a league source. The Patriots are looking to keep him after they offer him a May 9th tender which means if he is unsigned by July 22 he can then only play for the Pats for the... Continue Reading →

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