NBA Draft: Should The Celtics Pass On Lonzo Ball AND Markelle Fultz?

Yes, Yes they should. Now let me make this clear before i assert my case, this proposal is NOT a knock on Lonzo or Markelle. Both are future stars for whoever decides to draft them. But, in the 2017 NBA Draft we have a very unique situation at the top of the order. The top... Continue Reading →


Benny Baseball is Back Folks 

This isn't so much an article rather just an appreciation post for what Benintendi did today for the Red Sox in Baltimore.  It's no secret that coming into today Andrew Benintendi had been struggling at the plate going only 1/9 in this Baltimore series up to this point.  Today, however, is a different story as... Continue Reading →

Give Pablo One More Chance

Yes I know this is an old picture of Pablo, but this kind of sums up his time here in Boston. It hasn't been going good for Panda, he's still fat, still injured, and still awful. It is very easy to understand why Sox fans have pretty much given up on him. However, Pablo is... Continue Reading →

Celtics offseason plans

The loss in the Eastern Conference Finals left a lot of Celtic fans wondering what Ainge needs to do this offseason to get one step further and get to a championship. Now what I am about to say might piss some people off but I think it's the only way the Celts can win a... Continue Reading →

David Price Will Impress 

Attention all Red Sox fans: today at two o'clock David Price will make his first start with the Red Sox since last season and he will be successful. You will be able to save your yelling at the TV for the next Drew Pomeranz start. You will enjoy today's results and here is why. There... Continue Reading →

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