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ESPN Idiot Thinks Bill Belichick Will Coach The Giants In 2018 -@WTPscotch

Here’s my lukewarm take: bold predictions need to be reaching but also remain realistic. I can pull something out of thin air and call it a bold prediction for clicks, but its useless and wastes people’s time. 


Enough Whining About Eli

Everyone from teammates, media members, ex-players, and current NFL stiffs, has rallied around Eli and blasted the Giants for the benching the veteran QB. I disagree with every one of them.

Ranking The 32 Starting NFL QBs

Every NFL team needs a starting QB and I’ve got nothing better to do today, so on overall talent here are the power rankings of all NFL QBs. 32. Whoever starts for the Jets The Jets have to be the shittiest organization the NFL has to offer, their […]

NFL Draft First Round Grades

After a crazy first round last night at the NFL Draft, all the speculation is over. It’s gonna be close to impossible to find a mock draft that got the majority of those picks right last night, but now that the picks are in, lets get to grades. […]