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RIP Darren “Dutch” Daulton

Every once in a while there is an athlete that might not be as well know as a perennial all-star, but is someone who is a household name to you and your family. That player in my house growing up in NJ was Darren Daulton, who was a […]


Don’t Trust the Process

In the 2015-16 NBA season, the Philadelphia 76ers won 10 games. They finished one loss shy of tying the NBA record for most losses in a season, a record set by the Sixers in the 1972-73 season where they went 9-73. During this season, Sam Hinkie, the Sixers […]


The last 5 days have been completely nuts for NBA media. I thought after the Finals stories were going to come at a premium…. NOPE. In the last three days, I’ve written 6 blogs on NBA news and this one is my seventh. I’ve been in twitter over-drive […]

MLB Bold Predictions 

As we hit June in the MLB season we have realizations that even the boldest of MLB writers may not have predicted. The Brewers are tied with the Cubs for first place, the Twins lead everyone in the AL Central, Eric Thames can still hit and Masahiro Tanaka […]