WATCH this little league umpire just walk off the field after one of the most savage chirps you will ever hear

I feel you, short umpire man. I feel you.


Awesome Sunday Show – Watchmen Episodes 1-3

We're back after some time off and we're jumping right into one of the best new shows of the year. SPOILERS. We're rolling out new merch so keep checking our Redbubble store here to check out the current items and what's coming soon. We started a fundraiser for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health. You... Continue Reading →

Marcus Spears’ legendary rant about LSU-Bama on ‘Get Up’ literally had Stephen A. Smith speechless. Why does this man not have his own show yet?

Full disclosure, I had no idea who Marcus Spears was before this past weekend. Sure, he had a very successful 9-year NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens and is currently the co-host of SEC Nation, but prior to the build up and aftermath of LSU-Alabama, he wasn’t even in my brain.  But, we... Continue Reading →

Bet The Over NFL Week 9: Middle Urinal Must Bets

GOOOOOOOD MORNING DEGENERATES! Happy NFL Sunday! ANYWHO, welcome to Middle Urinal Must Bets, presented by the WTP Sports Book (go DM @WTP_SportsBook on Twitter to place your bets). Each week on Live from the Middle Urinal—an OK-at-best podcast you certainly should(n’t) listen to—myself and fellow degenerate sports bettors Dom, Rob, and Phil give you our…LOCKS OF THE WEEK.... Continue Reading →

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