Awesome Sunday Show -Buttered Toast

Jake joined us to mostly talk about movies. Things do get weird, especially the inspiration for the episode title. This is an Electronic Media Collective and We The People Sports production. Check out more awesome content at We're rolling out new merch so keep checking our Redbubble store here to check out the current items and... Continue Reading →

Awesome Sunday Show – Toy Story 4 Review

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If You Spoil Endgame, Your Mom’s a Hoe

I've never understood the need some "fans" feel to not wait for a film's release when it came to seeing the big twists that were to come. For those people that read a transcript and leaked the information, what joy did you get from that? Just knowing before everyone else? Why not wait and see it play out on the screen with all of the characters in full action and the effects to go with it?

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