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Champagne Papi At It Again

The “6 God” has returned in summer of 2018 to give us the summary, just like he promised at the end of “More Life”


Meek Mill is Free

Gather your friends. Gather your family. Gather anyone in damn sight. We have some breaking news: Meek Mill is finally free from prison. Meek Mill has spent the past five months wrongfully in jail. After months of love, support, and prayers from fans everywhere, the day has finally […]

“Poopy Brain” Parody Is 100% More Lyrically Intelligent Than Gucci Gang -@WTPscotch

Luckily, I do have a treat for you. If you haven’t heard the song, then just enjoy the fact that the guy says poopy brain 53 times and giggle a little bit. For everyone that has been unlucky enough to hear the glorified trash, you’ll appreciate this. It’s far more lyrically graced than it’s original version.

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