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Tiger Woods Golfing Again is the Best Thing All Week

As everyone knows, Tiger has had a rough couple of months. Golf’s once “Golden Boy” had a DUI where he had 5 different drugs in his system and was still somehow able to manage to get behind the wheel of a vehicle to a degree (obviously not enough […]



Anyone who watched the British Open this past weekend was treated to a tortuous rules discussion which last over twenty minutes and once again showed how far up its asses golf has it’s heads jammed. Jordan Spieth hit his drive onto some scrub grass on the side of […]


Tiger Woods was arrested over the weekend for DUI, another sad chapter in the pathetic downfall of a legend.  At one point in his career the golf debate was whether or not Tiger would break the all time record.  We all assumed it was Jack Nicklaus’s record being […]

Will he ever be “back”?

Another day, another tournament missed for Tiger Woods.  That was the headline for the PGA into Masters Week. Seems to be the trend these days for the former #1 world ranked golfer, and today marks at least another 6 months of no Tiger as he underwent successful back […]