It's August and if you did not know or are stuck watching your baseball team trying to fight to make playoffs or rebuild for next season; the Dodgers are crushing teams souls everyday. I just saw Rich Hill, who looks like my high school teacher, give up three runs in the first inning and then... Continue Reading →

The Home Run Derby Curse

There is always the talk of "the derby will mess up your swing" but does that hold any weight?  History says it does. With recency bias lets take a look at Aaron Judge. No doubt he is one of the best hitters in the league this year and no question he has had the most... Continue Reading →

Effort and Hustle: Eduardo Nunez

Being a Red Sox fan, I will be the first to say I wasn't overly thrilled with the team only acquiring Eduardo Nunez at the trade deadline, in regards to hopefully "sparking" their lineup. Little did anyone know that as of now, Mr. Nunez has been on fire lately, and has indeed provided some much... Continue Reading →

I Love You, Christian Vazquez

Alright, so last night did indeed show that Chris Sale is in fact human. He had one of his worst starts ever only going 5 innings while allowing 7 earned runs, 8 hits and only totaling 5 strikeouts. Even with this poor performance, is ERA is still sitting pretty. But if anyone deserved to be... Continue Reading →

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