Cubs send Schwarber down to AAA Iowa

In a shocking move....err, not very shocking news, the Chicago Cubs decided to send struggling slugger Kyle Schwarber down to Triple A Iowa Thursday morning. The defending World Series Champions are struggling as a whole this year, there is no question. However, Schwarber's plate appearances and strikeout rates are very concerning. The dangerous home run... Continue Reading →

Most Biased Basketball Podcast Known to Man

Ladies and Gentleman. This may not be what you wanted, but it is damn sure what everyone needed. WTP Sports is now bringing the most biased basketball podcast in history, hosted by yours truly. Why do I think that? Because that just my biased opinion. Every Thursday expect three main basketball points, with the occasional four-point-play. Tomorrow, expect... Continue Reading →

Enough is Enough With Pablo Sandoval

@Garland_SP Sandoval continues to eat away at the team's present and future with his presence. There is no longer a choice for the Red Sox, though, on their $95 million dollar mistake of an investment. He's been dead weight since May of last year, even if he's technically at the proper weight for playing. Tuesday's... Continue Reading →

Stay Away From Josh Jackson

With the 2017 NBA Draft only one day away, draft selection rumors are really starting to heat up. The Philadelphia 76ers will almost positively select Markelle Fultz out of Washington first overall. The Los Angeles Lakers will presumably take UCLA’s Lonzo Ball after trading their starting point guard from last season, D’Angelo Russell, to the... Continue Reading →

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