Dwightmare: The Saga Continues

"I would start a franchise with Dwight over Lebron or Wade" This is an actual quote from Phil Jackson in 2009. The man who at the time was only known for being one of the best basketball coaches of ever, instead of ruining a team's front office, said he would choose Dwight Howard to start... Continue Reading →

Trader Danny misses again

Breaking News: Paul George has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Now what the Pacers got isn't too bad but with the contract of Oladipo is a little much and it could back fire on them in the future. I don't really know why the Pacers would accept this... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Celtics Storm

Danny Ainge has maneuvered himself into the perfect situation, he has a chance to create a championship team while keeping the high lottery picks and holding onto the Brooklyn assets. Free Agency is about to kick off and for the longest time Celtics fans have heard Gordon Hayward's name tossed around in a similar fashion... Continue Reading →

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