Hey Cleveland! Jimmy Butler or Paul George??

This last week of NBA drama has been pretty crazy, from the Finals, to the Sixer/Celtics trade, Paul George rumors, and now comes Jimmy Butler. Marc Stein has reported that Cleveland has had trade talks now with the Bulls about a multi-team trade including Butler. Both players are very appealing and will fill necessary holes... Continue Reading →

Kershaw shuts down Hample Douche.

As we head into the dog days of baseball summer, it would be the perfect time to write about the red hot Dodgers and their inability to break away from the also red hot Rockies and Diamondbacks. But when ultra, blowhard, douche Zack Hample tries to call out the Dodgers star pitcher Clayton Kershaw on... Continue Reading →

2017 NBA Mock Draft (Updated)

The entire NBA world was shook when the Boston Celtics agreed to trade their first overall pick to the Philadelphis 76ers for Philadelphia’s number three pick and either the Lakers’ first-rounder next year if it falls between the second and fifth selection or the Kings’ 2019 first rounder. This trade seems to make absolutely no... Continue Reading →

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