Sox/Yankees Rivalry or Nah?

Do we even care about a Sox-Yankees rivalry anymore or is it just like any other series?


Blame it on the Tortellini 

Here is new reason behind failing a drug test; contaminated tortellini. 30-year-old WTA player Sara Errani failed a drug test for the banned substance Letrozole (used for breast cancer treatment but also can also increase body mass). Her mother had Letrozole tabs in her kitchen, and apparently they were close to their meal prep area.... Continue Reading →


The Petition to force an NFL team to sign Colin Kaepernick has reached 158,000 fan's signatures.  Well, actually 158,000 non fans.  Unfortunately the site doesn't supply photos of these nimrods, but anyone with a brain can smell this one from a mile away.  These 158,000 people are either lying and will watch the games in... Continue Reading →

Zach Randolph is an Idiot

Two time all-star and NBA veteran power forward Zach Randolph is already making a strong case for dumbass of the year. The thirty-six year old was arrested by the LA County Police Department Wednesday night on a felony charge of marijuana possession with intent to sell. Now I'm not going to argue that the NBA... Continue Reading →

Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart Single-Handedly Renewed the Fierce Hate Between Notre Dame and USC 

If you have been on twitter anytime recently, you've probably seen retweets of a renewed battle between ex-Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn and ex-USC QB Matt Leinart.  The twitter shit talking began by someone posting a quote Quinn had recently stated on a show saying, "They cheated. They know it. He knows it." What was... Continue Reading →

Ravens Preseason Prediction

Aug. 10th vs Washington Redskins: Both teams have something to prove this season after a disappointing 2016. The Ravens third round draft pick from Alabama, Tim Williams, has been a star in training camp and has shown tremendous talent in scrimmages. It will be very important as to how this translates on the field for... Continue Reading →

Dolphins Preseason Game Prediction

Today is the day preseason begins. I don't know about you all but I'm extremely excited for this season!! Aug. 10th vs Atlanta Falcons: Last year the Dolphins defeated the Falcons 17-6 in the pre season game. With Ryan Tanehill out due to a knee injury, Matt Moore or Jay Cutler will have to step... Continue Reading →

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