5 Super Team Options for LeBron

Wow, it must suck to be LeBron James this morning. The man had extraordinary numbers throughout an NBA Finals that his team had no right in winning. And he will continue to get all the scrutiny in the World. I’m just as guilty as the next person when it comes to giving LeBron shit but... Continue Reading →


    A busy weekend in sports and a lot of ideas running through my addled brain. David Price (***Pictured above pretending to throw a ball so he can lift his leg and urinate on a dog) should have stayed down in the minors and finished the season. Rafael Nadal won his 10th French Open... Continue Reading →

The (Media) Misadventures of David Price

@Garland_SP Thursday in New York was a golden opportunity to make up the lost ground in the division. David Price, fresh off Saturday's brilliant win, would have the ball once again. This wasn't the main story in Boston. News broke out through a number of local outlets that David Price was drastically limiting his availability... Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Football Signs 2 Transfers

In the last week it has been released that Notre Dame Football will receive two transfers, one from Arizona State (Cameron Smith) and one from Navy (Alohi Gilman.) WR Cameron Smith from Arizona State will be eligible to play right away due to the fact that he is a graduate transfer. He is probably best... Continue Reading →

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