Cavaliers in 5

Another year, another Cavaliers-Warriors NBA Finals. That makes it 3 straight years now of Steph Curry vs. LeBron James, except this time another card is thrown into play. That “card” is called Kevin Durant, who cowardly decided to join forces with an already record-breaking team. Durant will have a lot riding on these Finals because if the Warriors were to lose this series, he will look like the biggest fraud in the History of Professional Sports. Also it would make the front office of the Warriors (who were one win away from an NBA Championship) look like complete idiots for giving away most of their key role players for Kevin Durant. And if you were to ask me, they will lose this series in 7 games and here’s why:
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LeBron James will outplay Kevin Durant. LeBron has always been Kevin Durant’s kryptonite. When the two face off, it seems LeBron is always the one to avail. Also, in my opinion Durant always seems to shy away in the big games (so does LeBron but KD is much worse). And after all LeBron is the best player on the planet and will outshine almost anyone on any given night.

Kyrie Irving will outplay Stephen Curry. Steph Curry has yet to prove himself in an NBA Finals. 2 years ago, he took the backseat to Andre Iguodala who seemed unstoppable for some reason and won the Finals MVP. And don’t even get me started about last year, the biggest collapse in an NBA Finals. Curry was probably the key reason why the Warriors lost last year and significantly underplayed following another MVP season. Kyrie “Showtime” Irving has never shied away under the bright lights and I expect him to have a huge series.

Has anyone seen or heard Klay Thompson this postseason? Where has he been? I’ll tell you where he’s been, he’s been sitting in the corner waiting to get passed the ball. There just simply isn’t enough basketball to give Klay the ball as much as he deserves. This meaning that he simply can’t go off for 30 points in a quarter which he is known for doing every now and then. If I were the Warriors GM, I would strongly consider trading him for a couple of role players and some draft picks because they are pretty much just wasting all his talent. But then again I’m not the GM of the Warriors.

Kevin Love. Against the Celtics, Love averaged nearly 23 points and 12 rebounds per game. If he is able to do that against Golden State (along with Kyrie and LeBron), the Cavaliers will have NO problem beating Golden State. Love may be the biggest X-Factor in this series and if he doesn’t show up, Cleveland will need another monstrous performance from LeBron James.

With that being said, I’ll take the Cavaliers in 5 games. Yes, you read that right 5 games. I’ve been seeing all these predictions with 6 and 7 games. FUCK THAT. I want too see the Cavaliers blow these assholes out of the gym. MVP: Kyrie “Showtime” Irving. Fuck KD. Fuck Draymond. Fuck Steph Curry. And most of all Fuck Riley Curry, stupid annoying little brat.

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