Celtics offseason plans

dannyainge-052117The loss in the Eastern Conference Finals left a lot of Celtic fans wondering what Ainge needs to do this offseason to get one step further and get to a championship. Now what I am about to say might piss some people off but I think it’s the only way the Celts can win a championship kind of soon. I.T. is not going to be apart of the team if they want to win the finals. I know he is a good player and how he singlehandedly brought the Celts to the playoffs 3 years but I don’t think he is a championship caliber player. I also don’t think the Celts have the cap room to keep him if they sign a big free agent this year. Let’s face it are the Celtics going to win a championship with their 3 max guys being Horford, IT and say Hayward. No, please that team isn’t coming anywhere close to beating Lebron and the Cavs. Ainge should trade IT while his trade value is high and get something good in return because I don’t see him in a Celtics uniform in the future.

Moving on to what else they should do, DRAFT FULTZ. They should not trade this pick unless they are getting Anthony Davis or The Greek Freak or somebody of that caliber. Jimmy Butler won’t cut it anymore now that the Celts know they have the number one pick. Paul George is a close one to call. I don’t think they do that because he could just leave next year and go to the Lakers. Fultz is an important piece to their future and if it’s him and Brown while Lebron is retiring, then they are getting to a lot of NBA finals. The next thing they should do is trade Crowder and another small piece for Carmelo Anthony. I know that he hasn’t won anything and he is kind of a bum but the Celtics need a scorer to replace IT and maybe IT goes in that trade as well. Maybe they get Porzingas out of it too, but now I’m daydreaming too much. If they can get Anthony for Crowder that is a great trade because Crowder disappeared in the playoffs.

Lastly the Celtics need to draw in another big free agent. Whether it be Gordon Hayward or somebody else they need to do this to contend. If they can get all of these things done and maybe you can forget about trading IT then that is a team who might contend. IT, Bradley, Hayward, Anthony and Horford that is a prettt solid team if you ask me and looks like a team who might be able to contend.

Oh yeah one last thing, get rid of Kelly Olynyk. He is so awkward looking when he has the ball and he just makes some stupid plays that make me what to puke. Get him out of Boston.


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