Chicago Bears 2017 Draft Preview: International Waters?

Donald Trump isn’t the only one involved in international affairs.

With the third pick in the 2017 NFL draft the Chicago Bears select…….Jan Schroder. Defensive Lineman. Paderborn Dolphins.

For all of you uncultured bimbos out there, the Paderborn Dolphins are part of the German Football League 2. Schroder anchored the Dolphin defense with 9 tackles including 1 TFL last year. Even Russell Westbrook has to respect that kind of stat-stuffing. If the stats didn’t paint you the whole picture maybe the Dolphins 10-4 record will. We all understand Deshaun Watson has been praised as a winner and a leader all offseason, but all he has to show is a national championship. Schroder is the total package. Competitor, winner, leader, and to top it all off he’s bilingual.

Drawing comparisons to Joe Greene & Reggie White, he may be one of the most athletic prospects we’ve seen in recent history. After deciding to bypass the NFL combine due to traveling expenses, many are questioning if Schroder is just another name with a big frame. We live in a world where John Ross ran a 4.22 second 40 yard dash and became a projected Top 10 pick. Yet, we continue to neglect that Schroder clocked an unofficial 1.9 second beer chug. JaMarcus Russell has ruined NFL scouts views on stomach size and rightfully so. It was only a matter of time before all that purple drank caught up to him. However, Schroder’s stomach plays to his advantage. Labeled as a true nose tackle, his instincts take over games and his ability to singlehandedly congest the middle and clog up running lanes is unparalleled. The concerns about jumping from the German Football League 2 to the NFL hold some validity, but the reward far outweighs the risk. Potential is something that can not be measured.

If the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers happen to pass on Schroder for the less talented Myles Garrett or Solomon Thomas, the Bears need to pull the trigger. Enough said. Ryan Pace was not brought into this organization to make bad decisions and the road to a championship starts with one cornerstone player. Players like Jon Schroder appear once in a lifetime. The Bears can not afford to spend another first round pick on talents like Kevin White or Gabe Carimi. This is 2017. This is the Bears year.


– Jarrett Lecas



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