Cleveland Browns fans strung up a pinata with Mason Rudolph’s face on it and took turns smashing it with a helmet. I absolutely love it.

Football fans are a different breed, man. Bills fans have been throwing themselves through tables and lighting themselves on fire since the dawn of time, Raiders fans have their kids painted black and put in shoulder pads when they come out of the womb, and Cowboys fans endure 16 games a year of whatever the hell Jason Garrett is doing down in Dallas. 

When you mix all these things together, add in some day drinking and barbecuing, you have yourself a tailgate and there’s nothing like an NFL tailgate.

Yesterday, we had a peculiar addition to the list of alltime “What the fuck” moments for NFL tailgates, and it came courtesy of MY favorite team, the Cleveland Browns. Apparently, Browns fans are still a little riled up from last week’s win over the Steelers and the, uhh, skirmish that took place in the closing seconds. Myles Garrett had just had his suspension appeal denied by the league after alleging that Steelers QB and all-around douchebag Mason Rudolph had lobbed a racial slur in his direction before Rudolph’s helmet became a battle axe. 

The Dawpound faithful either really took Garrett for his word or they just really hate Mason Rudolph (It was probably the latter, I mean just look at him, he has the most punchable face of all time) because they decided to make a pineta with Rudolph face on it, and took turns trying to break it open with a Steelers helmet. 

Now, you could look at this one of two ways: 1. This is classless and reprehensible for making light of an ugly moment for the game of football or 2. This is hilarious, Cleveland is the best, they should do this for the rest of time. 

If it was anyone besides Mason Rudolph, I’d probably be in the camp that says this is a little inappropriate, but because it is that frat-boy looking fuck, this gets my full-throated endorsement. 

I thought that I was alone in my support of Myles Garrett and hatred for Mason Rudolph, but it appears that I have the entire city of Cleveland at my back as well.   

I cannot wait for the Steelers vs Browns blood feud that is about to break out.


Photo via clevelanddotcom



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