Colin Cowherd Asking Urban Meyer Why Former Buckeye Joe Burrow Didn’t Go to Ohio State May Be the Stupidest Thing He’s Ever Said

I don’t like Colin Cowherd. 

I don’t think he’s smart, I don’t think he’s witty, I don’t think he’s funny, I don’t think he knows much of anything about sports, and I don’t think he deserves his own show on FS1/ I wonder every day how he’s on the air. The only reason I don’t full-on hate him is because he likes the Patriots. That’s the only shred of credibility that Colin Cowherd has in my book. 

Colin Cowherd really cemented his status on my shitlist when he tried to attack Baker Mayfield face-to-face about his celebrations, an attack that hilariously ended with the Browns quarterback shitting all over him and putting him on a leash on his own goddamn show.

Then there was also that time that he brought Cris Collinsworth onto his show in hopes of getting him to shit on Baker Mayfield, and all Collinsworth did was gush about how much he loves Baker Baker Touchdown maker. Another tremendous example of Cowherd getting legit facial’d on his own air time. 

However, this may take the cake as the worst Colin Cowherd moment of all time. 

Cowherd had former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer on his show today. Who cares what they were talking about before, let’s just cut to the chase. Cowherd brings up LSU phenom Joe Burrow, going on and on about how great he is, yada yada yada. He then turns to Meyer and says, “Did you know him? Did you have connections with him?”. At this point, I thought oh Cowherd’s being an asshole, ha ha, that’s so funny. Meyer goes on to give a good answer on Burrow had deep ties to OSU and how his dad is an assistant for the buckeyes, to which Cowherd replies, “How did he get out of Ohio?”.


Maybe the funniest part of the video is when Urban realizes ‘Oh shit, he’s not joking’, and then drops the amazing line, “Well He played for us for three years”. 

Colin Cowherd legitimately didn’t know that Joe Burrow had played for Ohio State. This is a man who is PAID to talk about sports, in particular, college football, and he somehow doesn’t know this basic piece of information?  This may seem nit-picky but EVERYONE knows Joe Burrow used to go to Ohio State. It’s just common knowledge. It’d be like if Cowherd had asked Urban, “Boy, those Florida teams back in the day were something huh? How did you never get a call to coach there?”

It’s just remarkably stupid. Us internet assholes like to sit here and make fun of guys like Rob Parker, Max Kellerman, and Nick Wright for their stupid takes, but at least they don’t out themselves as being total morons like this on NATIONAL TV.

Cowherd shouldn’t be allowed to talk about college football until he takes a crash course on the basic facts of the sport. 

Fuck Colin Cowherd.



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