Confirmed: Rhys Hoskins is a Dork

It’s safe to say that the rivalry between the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies has officially been revived.

The bad blood between the two NL East teams, which hasn’t existed since the late 2000s, was renewed during Tuesday’s game. With two outs in the ninth inning and a commanding 9-0 lead, Mets reliever Jacob Rhame threw two high-octane fastballs over the head of Phillies first baseman Rhys Hoskins.

Hoskins took exception to both pitches, with the latter causing the teams’ benches to partially clear. However, things were quickly calmed when the Phillies saw the mean look they were getting from Mets catcher Wilson Ramos.

Okay, that’s not true. The umpires issued warnings and maintained order before anything could escalate, but don’t tell me a look like that wouldn’t terrify you. Friendly reminder that Ramos was once kidnapped by four armed men in Venezuela and held captive for two days. The man doesn’t fuck around.

Anyway, the Mets would eventually go on to win the game but the Phillies made it clear in postgame interviews that they were not happy with the pitches by Rhame. Surely the Phillies would retaliate for this, right? Actually, they didn’t, but Hoskins got his revenge in a different way.

The Phillies slugger served up some poetic justice by homering off the very pitcher that threw at him the night before. He then made it a point to take his time flexing his revenge shot.

Don’t worry Bartolo, no one will ever outshine your legendary home run trot. Getting back to Hoskins, my thoughts on the matter were the same thoughts of everyone on Mets Twitter, “What a dork.”

Look, I understand being upset about the pitches over your head, but I’m still not entirely convinced that they were intentional. Jacob Rhame is a fringe-major league reliever with a history of command issues, so his fastballs tend to get away from time to time. Also, do you really think the Mets would intentionally start a bench-clearing brawl behind a guy who looks like this?

With all due respect to Rhame, he looks like the guy who would be on the outskirts of a brawl yelling, “Come on guys! Can’t we all just get along? This is supposed to be about having fun!”

Even if the throws were intentional, I stand by my comments of Hoskins being a dork. Yeah, you got your revenge, but you’re also pimping a garbage-time home run off of a reliever with a career ERA over six, and your team still lost the series. Also, if it was intentional, get over it. I seem to recall three Mets batters getting plunked during Monday’s game and you didn’t hear them bitching about it.

Image result for quit your whinging

The series between the two teams might be over, but these antics certainly won’t be forgotten. This rivalry will only heat up as the season progresses and it seems the Mets have already made note of it.

Photo: NBC Sports Philadelphia


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