Could ALL 4 Division Series End Today?

The stars have aligned, and there is a possibility that all 4 division series games today could be closeout games. What chance does each series have of being ended today?

Astros lead Rays, 2-0

I think there’s a chance that the Rays could put up a fight in this game, considering they have their ace, Charlie Morton on the mound, and this will be the first playoff game in Tampa Bay since 2013. Sadly, I think the Astros will still be too big of a foe for the Rays. I predicted a sweep, and I’m sticking to that.

Prediction: Astros close out Rays today, win series.

Yankees lead Twins, 2-0

I think the first 2 games have let us know that the Twins’ inability to beat the Yankees in the playoffs is still present. They started an Uber driver in game 2, for god’s sake. Again, game 3 will be in a stadium that hasn’t seen playoff baseball since its first year, (2010) but I don’t think the home-field advantage in this game will do anything. It’s sad that the Twins still can’t beat the Yankees in the playoffs. They have had so many chances. All of this being said, I think the Twins have a slightly better chance of winning this game than the Rays do, but the chance is still too small to be considered.

Prediction: Yankees close out Twins today, win series.

Braves lead Cardinals, 2-1

Fresh off of a dramatic 9th inning comeback from the Braves in game 3, they now have a chance to close out this series. Without question, this series has been the most entertaining of all 4 LDS. Dallas Keuchel will face Dakota Hudson today, with the Cardinals’ back against the wall. Fortunately for the Redbirds, Hudson had a very good 2019, and always kept his team in the game, whereas Keuchel has been somewhat inconsistent. I think it is only right that this series goes the full 5 games, so I would think the Cardinals will force a game 5.

Prediction: Cardinals win, force game 5.

Dodgers lead Nationals, 2-1

I was surprised that the Nationals actually won a game in this series. Unfortunately for the Nats, Max Scherzer in an elimination game at home never goes well. The Nationals in elimination games never go well. Hell, Washington sports never go well in elimination games (I’m looking at you, Capitals). Also, Rich Hill (AKA Dick Mountain) gets the start for the Dodgers today, and he has had lots of recent postseason success.

Prediction: Dodgers close out Nationals today, win series.



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