Crazy Week in College Basketball Leaves the Committee Clueless

College basketball is the best.

In one week, 13 of the top 25 teams suffered a loss including the number one, two and four teams in the country. All remaining undefeated teams were defeated and unranked teams notched huge victories. Last week was a perfect example of how crazy college basketball can be and also proved to be an example for how clueless the college basketball ranking committee can be.

Here are the rankings for the 12th week of the College basketball season.

AP Top 25 Poll

1 Tennessee (48) 16-1 1,575 3
2 Duke (11) 15-2 1,520 1
3 Virginia (3) 16-1 1,451 4
4 Gonzaga 18-2 1,374 5
5 Michigan 17-1 1,363 2
6 Michigan State (2) 16-2 1,355 6
7 Nevada 18-1 1,143 10
8 Kentucky 14-3 1,087 12
9 Kansas 15-3 1,060 7
10 Virginia Tech 15-2 1,007 9
11 North Carolina  14-4 895 13
12 Marquette 16-3 861 15
13 Maryland 16-3 751 19
14 Texas Tech 15-3 743 8
15 Buffalo 17-1 743 16
16 Auburn 13-4 627 14
17 Houston 18-1 544 21
18 Villanova 14-4 450 22
19 Iowa 16-3 332 23
20 Mississippi  14-3 291 18
21 North Carolina State 15-3 282 17
22 Mississippi State 14-3 266 24
23 Louisville 13-5 230 NR
24 Iowa State 14-4 156 NR
25 LSU 14-3 154 NR

Others receiving votes: Florida St. 139, Purdue 111, Kansas St 91, Nebraska 66, Wisconsin 64, Oklahoma 16, Syracuse 13, Washington 11, Murray St. 9, Cincinnati 6, Wofford 5, Saint Louis 3, San Francisco 2, Florida 2, TCU 1, Hofstra 1. 

The first thing worth mentioning about these rankings is obviously the new number one. After both Duke and Michigan fell this weekend to unranked opponents the Volunteers jumped up to number one in the rankings for the first time since 2007-08.

Although it’s clear why the committee decided to vote Tennessee into the top spot, they are by no way the number one team in the country. Duke is. Duke lost a fluke home game this week. Just by looking at that you may think that the Blue Devils losing at home itself makes them unworthy of a top spot but it wasn’t your everyday loss. The Blue Devils were without Cam Reddish and point guard Tyus Jones left the game early with an injury. Their loss also came in overtime and by single digits. Sure, they still should have won the game but the loss wasn’t anything that should move them out of the number one spot especially after beating undefeated then #4 Virginia four days later.

Michigan fell to number five in the rankings after a road loss to conference foe Wisconsin. Craziness. For some reason, Michigan’s lone loss of the season pushes them from number two to number five, where they find themselves below two loss Gonzaga. Nothing against the Bulldogs but they will not be able to prove themselves like Michigan will throughout the rest of the year. Gonzaga’s opponents do not compare to the gauntlet that is the BIG 10. Gonzaga’s two losses have both came to solid teams in UNC and Tennessee but Michigan’s one road loss, also to a good team, shouldn’t be enough to all of a sudden push them below the Bulldogs. The Wolverines still have a better resume than the Zags.

Speaking of teams falling my oh my Florida State. In one week, the Seminoles went from number 11 to unranked after losing their third game in a row in conference play to Boston College. The other games were home losses to PITT and Duke. It’s crazy to think that two losses (even though they’re considered bad losses) drop Florida State from the rankings. We are talking about a team with wins over Purdue, LSU and Florida two of who were ranked when Florida State beat them. The Seminoles shouldn’t be left out of the top 25 as there are several teams towards the bottom that are not better than Florida State.

The final main complaint of this article is the committee going a little crazy with Buffalo. The Bulls continue to rise up in the rankings as other quality teams lose and they don’t. This shouldn’t be the case. Buffalo is done facing real competition until March and they haven’t shown enough to say they are a top team in the league. They have beaten conference opponents who have a winning record but nobody that is in the same caliber as them. Although they most definitely deserve to be ranked, fifteen is a little generous for a Buffalo team who’s only impressive win was over Syracuse.


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