Dan Quinn is the best thing to happen to Atlanta

On to a new season. On to a new year. It’s time to forget about SBLI and prepare for another fantastic year in year three under Coach Quinn. This is a city that has been laughed at mocked for their poor sports over the years, but Dan Quinn is turning it all around. Ever since Dan Quinn came on the scene he embraced the players and community of Atlanta. Under Mike Smith the Falcons were the average team but never wowed anyone they never made a Super Bowl so ultimately when he had a bad year he got the ax. Quinn in his first three years has already shown tremendous strides of improvement going from 8-8 to 13-6 with the Super Bowl run. It is not just the atmosphere that makes this team better it is that Dan Quinn is picking players via draft or free agency that fit his system, such as Vic Beasley, and Keanu Neal. Great drafting and a good atmosphere isn’t all Quinn has improved it is also the practices with members of the Navy coming in to Training Camp and displaying their ways of training. Quinn’s practices also have music blasting to get the players used to communicating under loud conditions, it’s also pleasing to listen to music. Quinn also got a ping pong table in the locker room for before and after practices. “Not only do they want to spend time together out of the building, but in the building too,” Quinn said. “Having that competition in something as small as ping pong, just to go battle for it. We’ve got three minutes until the next meeting, we’re going to play a game for three.” Dan Quinn has turned what used to be a bunch of teammates into brothers, and the future of this club looks as bright as it could be.


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