Danny Amendola: A Tribute

Well, this is something I never wanted to see happen: in a truly shocking decision, Danny Amendola is headed to South Beach. His time in New England will not be forgotten. Between Playoff Danny and Jets Danny, this was one of the most talented receivers on the roster when it came to big situations. Always seemed to come up big when all the chips were played down, and never let his ego damage his reputation. As recently as the toe- tap touchdown in the AFCCG against Jacksonville, or the most important 2pt conversion in NFL history at the end of regulation in Super Bowl 51. We got a look into his friendship with Brady in “Tom vs Time,” and I just can’t believe that this is happening. The news broke about 10 minutes ago, I’m listening to “See You Again,” eating my pain away, and trying not to cry too much. Danny was a special player, and even though he’s going to a rival team, he’s earned the chance to go off and make money. Danny, Patriots Nation wishes you the best, and can’t wait to see what you do in a Dolphins jersey. We love you, and will never forget you.

Thank You Danny



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