David Pastrnak explodes offensively​, Beat the Ducks

That’s right you read it correctly, David Pastrnak beat the Ducks by scoring all four goals. Now, of course, he didn’t actually do it all on his own but he did score all 4 of the Bruins goals on Monday. The Bruins were back on home ice after they beat the New Jersey Devils 3-0 on Saturday night.
Pastrnak opened up the scoring on the powerplay off of a filthy feed from Bergeron in the bumper position. Pastrnak blasted the one-timer past Gibson and even if Gibson had an idea that it was going towards Pastrnak, there was still no way he was saving this missile.

Pastrnak scored his second goal and increasing the lead to 2-0 when Marchand stole a pass in the Ducks zone and found a wide-open Pastrnak who slipped the one-touch shot past Gibson on the glove side.
The Bruins didn’t get through this game without issues though. They struggled in the second yet again, taking three penalties and being outshot 16-6. The Ducks found their life in the second period and finally lit the lamp after Halak stood on his head for most of the period. Rickard Rakell scored with about 2 minutes left on the clock and pulled the Ducks within one. The Bruins have had their second-period struggles and this was no different than what we saw on the road trip. For some reason, they seem to struggle pretty bad in this period and it could be something that could end up hurting them unless they fix it soon.

The Bruins perfection line and David Pastrnak made sure the slow second-period play was behind them as off of a face-off a puck got shoved out in front and a Ducks defenseman kicked it right to Pastrak’s stick and he let a shot go all in one swift motion. It looked like the shot really surprised Gibson as he didn’t expect Pastrnak to end up with the puck in that position.

Pastrnak didn’t just want the hat-trick and a 2 goal lead so he came back out on the ice and battled for position on the far side of the net. The puck rotated to Marchand and what looked like a shot wide was actually a pass far side for David Pastrnak who buried his fourth goal home. This is the first time a Bruin has scored 4 goals in one game since Patrice Bergeron in 2018.
The Ducks did fight back and off of a sloppy mistake from Halak handling the puck behind the net. He turned the puck over and wasn’t able to recover in time to make a save. Halak had a good night otherwise, saving 30 shots and earning his second win of the year.

There has been a lot of good news for the B’s so far as they start off the year hot but David Krejci can’t seem to get healthy with that lower-body injury that’s been nagging him through camp and now. Coyle looks to take over that second-line center role while Krejci is out and maybe we’ll see Backes back in the lineup with this move.

All around it has been a good start for the B’s as they try to forget about that gruesome game 7 loss. Their next game is a big one against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday night. They’ll have to get some production in this game other than the first line to win so it should be a fun one.

Photo: StanleyCupofChowder


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