David Wright Says There Will Be No Improvement Of His Physical Condition. This Is A Quick Thank You To One Of The Best Ambassadors The Game Has Had -@WTPscotch

David Wright announces that there will be no improvement to his physical condition. Mets say he will be activated for the final home stand of the season.

David Wright has been a tremendous ambassador to the game of baseball. A player who didn’t complain, played hard, and respected his teammates, and opponents, as well as every fan who paid to see him play.

Wright was everyone’s favorite third baseman. The guy was a stud. The flare of Bryce Harper with the personality of Mike Trout. He had the talent to be one of the best in the game’s stories history, and he was for a short time, but injuries kept him from continuing that.

There’s a single play that stands out to me when I think of David Wright: broken batted ball that should have been well over his head and falling safely into no man’s land behind third base. Wright, eye locked in on the ball the entire way, sprints straight back. Knowing he would block his sightline on the ball, he opted to reach his bare hand out and catch this blooper at full extension as opposed to going across his body with his glove hand. This play shows a couple things that embody his career: pure talent, baseball IQ, effort, and utter determination.

In a career that was abruptly ended by injuries, David Wright never quit. He remained determined for years to make a comeback. Unfortunately, the time has come for him to now reach that point that we all hit at some time or another, but everyone does. The day where we no longer get to play the child’s game.

So thank you David, thank you for showing an entire generation of baseball players how to carry themselves in between the lines, and in the face of adversity. Your contributions to the sport go far beyond talent and ability.



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