Dear Cleveland Browns, Please for the Love of God Make #FireFreddie a Reality

A return to the standard was bound to happen, but this is ridiculous. 

At the beginning of this NFL season, I proudly stood atop my soapbox and screamed to the world “THE CLEVELAND BROWNS WILL WIN THE AFC NORTH AND MAKE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS”, and in my heart of hearts, I truly believed that. Baker Mayfield, with a year of experience under his belt, with Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, and Odell Beckham Jr surrounding him would lead the dawgpound to heights not seen since the Reagan administration. 

And then Freddie Kitchens walked into my life.

This obese, unintelligible, moronic, inexperienced CLOWN has RUINED the 2019 Cleveland Browns.

I thought when the Browns fired Hue Jackson after week 8 last year that they had gotten rid of satan himself. Hue Jackson was the worst possible coach and was the only coach who could hold back the Browns from succeeding. It turns out he was one of two. There is zero denying that Freddie Kitchens is the main reason for the Browns struggles this season. Yeah, Baker Mayfield hasn’t been good, the defense has regressed mightily, and the offensive line is worse than a revolving door, but it all pales in comparison to how badly Freddie has fucked this team. 

Leading the league in penalties and penalty yards is not a personal problem, it’s a coaching problem. That’s what happens when you hire a running backs coach with zero real coaching experience to lead one of the youngest rosters in the NFL. It doesn’t work. 

This doesn’t only lie at the feet of Freddie. Steve Wilkes might be the worst defensive coordinator of all time and Todd Monken has lost all the good will that he built up last year in Tampa Bay. They were both choices that could be justified at the time, but both have failed in a catastrophic way. But, despite their shortcomings, which are worthy of a blog all their own, this is about Freddie Kitchens and his failure to coach a halfway decent football game and run a professional sports team even a little bit well. 

I don’t care who the replacement is, but find one now. Go get Lincoln Riley and go get Dan Quinn to be the DC, Todd Monken can stay, but everyone else can politely get the fuck out of Cleveland. 

Fix this shit, John Dorsey.

Photo via David Zalubowski/ AP Photo


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