Dear Red Sox Fans, Relax with the Beer Cans

The Red Sox world series parade has come and gone, and it was a good time. The players seemed like they were living it up and Alex Cora seemed like he was having the time of his life. However, I have a bone to pick with Sox fans.

Why are we throwing beers at players we all cheer for?

Don’t answer—I know why. Everyone saw that video of Gronk calling for a beer, then promptly ripping the top off of it with his teeth and chugging it.

Pretty cool, right? Well, apparently everyone in the state of Massachusetts saw that video and said: “Hey, I should do that.”

I was at the parade, next to the Park Street stop, and as the players rolled by, all I could see were nips, beers, and coffees (what?) being thrown over my head at the players. When I got home, all I saw on Instagram and Twitter were videos of the players dodging beers and nips. Now, some of the players were loving it (see: Eddy Rodriguez, David Price, and Rick Porcello). Other players didn’t seem to be enjoying it as much.

Elise Amendola/AP Photo

Mookie Betts looked like he was trying to avoid the cans at all costs and was nearly drilled in the face on multiple occasions. Dustin Pedroia was getting thrown so many beers that he literally either spiked them or threw them back into the crowd. I think it’s hilarious that people were throwing him drinks that they paid money for, and he just immediately says, “Fuck your beer,” and tosses them away. Pedroia genuinely seemed to be getting pissed at the volume of drinks being thrown his way. Alex Cora, who got blindsided by an errant beer, also seemed to be getting pissed on what, undoubtedly, was one of the happiest days of his professional career. One beer, which hit the first-year manager in the back, resulted in a death stare for the ages and a kid getting arrested.

Hell, even the World Series trophy itself was caught in the crossfire. Apparently, after taking a “direct hit” a few of the flags on the trophy were all jacked up. Whoever threw that, you’re a dunce.

I’m not trying to get up on my soapbox and belittle people for having fun and trying to interact with the players in their own way, but, with players’ family members being on the duckboats and cans coming in from every single direction, it’s dangerous and stupid. 

When the Sox repeat in 2019 and there’s another parade next year, let’s take it easy on the beer throwing.

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  1. I agree totally
    I’m not sure why you would go through the trouble of bringing beers to the parade, and then throw them at the duckboats!!!!

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