Derek Jeter is Trying to Make the Yankees Better and I Hate Him

Derek Jeter has turned into a colossal bitch.

After retiring in 2014, he had earned some goodwill with most Red Sox fans. He went out as a consummate professional. He had cemented his status as one of the best guys, both on and off the field, to ever do it.

Then he became a minority owner and CEO of the Miami Marlins and threw every down the drain.

Jeter has become a lightning rod of controversy since taking over in the Marlins front office, destroying the Marlins young roster in emphatic fashion in order to cut costs.

I’m not sure how much money Derek Jeter made over the course of his career, but apparently, it’s not enough to finance a baseball team.

Jeter’s immediately alienating himself from the Marlins faithful by trading away the guys that the team *should’ve* been building around. Getting rid of Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich for a fistful of dollars wasn’t a great way to start the new regime in Florida, but at least they had Giancarlo Stanton, fresh off his 2017 MVP season where he clubbed 59 home runs.

This is where Jeter made everyone around the baseball world hate him.

Instead of sending Stanton to the Giants or the Dodgers for likely a more bountiful return, Jeter sent him to the New York Yankees. You would think that the Marlins would’ve gotten a pretty hefty haul for Stanton, considering how loaded the Bomber’s farm system is. However, the Marlins received 27-year-old Starlin Castro, Jorge Guzman (Yankees #9 prospect), and Jose Devers. NONE of those guys equal anything near what Stanton is worth. Baseball conspiracists like myself immediately began thinking that Jeter was just bolstering his old squad.

It didn’t work in 2017.

Photo by Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

So Jeter turned towards his All-Star catcher J.T Realmuto, whos been on the chopping block ever since Jeter took over. It turns out that the Mets are looking to compete in 2019. So Jeter puts on his thinking cap, “If I have to give away my best player to a division rival, I might as well make them give their second best pitcher to my old team!”

This was the thought process for Mr. November.

What. A. Dick.

To give a team an ultimatum to trade a player to their cross-city rival or no deal is such a ballsy thing to do, you almost have to respect it. Almost. It’s important to note that the Marlins have no legs to stand on. Yes, J.T Realmuto is very good, but there are other free agent catchers available. Wilson Ramos and Yasmani Grandal are still out there and could arguably give you the same production without having to send one of your best pitchers to the Bronx. 

Thankfully, rumors seemed to have fizzled out between the three teams, likely because the Mets said “No, we’re not stupid. Go away.”

If Derek Jeter wanted to be apart of the Yankees’ team building process, why wouldn’t he have just taken a position with them instead of going to South Beach and royally fucking up an innocent franchise? This is collusion, plain and simple.

Rob Manfred better do something, or hell, I will.

I will not stand for this chicanery, Derek. Cut the shit.

Photo by Joe Skipper-AP photos



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