Dez finally gets his contract

After weeks and weeks of searching for the right fit, Dez finally got his contract and I couldn’t be happier.

Dez signed a one-year deal late yesterday morning. I’m honestly not sure why the Saints didn’t do this two weeks ago when they lost Ginn to the IR, but this is a huuuge step up for Brees. I’m also not to sure that the Saints really ever had serious intention on bringing Dez in, especially this late. It looks like a boost for a receiving core that hasn’t been struggling but could definitely use an extra hand.

Look, I am all for this move by New Orleans because not only is this going to give Dez the chance he finally deserves, but this is going to help every other wideout as well. We all know the struggles Dez has had the last few seasons but we also know the success he had prior to that. Look, Dez isn’t going to be THE guy on this offense—that’s just a given—but I think that’s why he’s going to exceed most expectations.

Dez Bryant is still Dez Bryant, so don’t think defenses are just going to play him lightly because he’s missed time. Dez is going to open up the field even more for Michael Thomas to continue wreak havoc. He is most likely going to be the number 2 receiver within the next couple weeks as long as he’s comfortable with the playbook. Not only is this going to help Thomas, but it’s also going to give the young rookie Tra’Quan Smith a lot to learn from and a lot to build off.

Look for Dez to follow about the same path as Gordon did for the Pats, starting out a little slow while learning the playbook but in the end should have a good impact(just not as big as an impact as Gordon).

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Can we also just take a second to think about the quarterback change for Dez? He went from one of the most overrated players in the league to right back with a hall of fame quarterback. I imagine after about a week and a half or so that Dez will be ready to handle a full workload, just in time for that revenge game against the Cowboys in Week 13. You really never know what may happen. Brees is so good at putting the ball where he wants, him and Dez might just spark up some chemistry this year and set his new teammate up for an extension.

Like I said though, Dez isn’t going to be the go to guy, but I think that’s just what he needs to take the pressure off himself and really take advantage of this situation.

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