Did Yordan Alvarez Just Hit the Longest Home Run of All Time?

Is this the longest home run of all time? 

Last night, Astros rookie sensation Yordan Alvarez hit a home run that is likely still traveling towards the Gulf of Mexico. 

It was a MAMMOTH shot. Like, incomprehensibly far. In the 19 year history of Minutemaid Park and Enron Field (Holy shit remember when it was called that), only two men have hit the upper deck; One was Jeromy Burnitz (Jesus Christ, what a throwback), and the other is Mr. Yordan Alvarez. 

But, while this is undeniably amazing and incredible and awesome, of course Statcast has to come in and ruin everything. 

Apparently,  according to Statcast, that absolute NUKE only went 415 feet. 


How do you Statcast nerds come up with that number for a ball that may have ricocheted off the moon before settling in Minutemaid’s third deck? 

How is a ball that landed HERE only traveling 415 feet? 

I get that right field in Houston is shallow, but it’s not THAT shallow. 

I’m starting to believe that Statcast is full of complete shit. Remember that time that they said this Rowdy Tellez homerun traveled 505 feet? 

Also, how does this bomb from Alvarez earlier in the season, a home run that barely cleared the second deck, travel 50 feet further than last nights ball? 

Some absolute bullshit coming from the Statcast virgins.

Yordan Alvarez hit that baseball no less than 596 feet, and it’s absolute bologna that it will go down in the record books as the longest 415 foot home run of all time.

Photo: @HoustonAstros


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