Dodger’s Pitching Coach Not Happy With Location of Bullpen

The Dodgers pitching coach, Rick Honeycutt, wasn’t thrilled with where Boston’s bullpens have been located for the past 106 years. Honeycutt called the situation with fans “brutal” and wants to know how baseball still allows it when speaking to Tom Verducci post-game.

Now, as a Dodgers coach since 2006, I know you are just getting used to sold-out crowds, but if you can’t handle the fans in a World Series game heckling you, then you should probably pack up and get out. This could end up being a big story throughout the games in Boston if the Dodgers truly are being rattled by the Fenway Faithful, so I beg everyone at Fenway to show no mercy to these pitchers, throw everything you got at them (words, not objects, c’mon now, guys) and rattle them all the way back to LA for the Winter.

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