Domi Leading the Habs In Every Way This Season

Over the last several seasons, the Montreal Canadiens were never known for their offense.

Sure, they had guys like Max Pacioretty, Brendan Gallagher, and a few others who could put the puck in the net. With that said, they lacked players that could put up a lot of points.

This is why it was surprising when the team traded Alex Galchenyuk to the Arizona Coyotes for Max Domi. Galchenyuk put up 51 points last season (19 goals and 32 assists) and still had a lot of room to grow considering he was just 24-years-old.

Fast forward to today and it is easy to see that the Canadiens won the deal by a country mile. Yes, Galchenyuk has put up decent numbers as he currently (April 2) has 18 goals and 22 assists for 40 points in 69 games, but this total is actually nowhere close to what Domi has done for the Habs this season.

Domi, 24, has been absolute dynamite for the Canadiens in his first season in pressure-packed Montreal. Not only has Domi been great this year, but he has perhaps been the team’s best player.

As of this writing (April 2) Domi leads the team with 71 points on 28 goals and 43 assists in 79 games. He is ahead of the team’s second leading scorer, Tomas Tatar (58 points), by 13 points and 19 ahead of Gallagher, who is currently third in scoring on the club.

Offensively, Domi has done it all for this hockey team this year. He is high-up on the offensive leader board for this team this season as you can see below:

– First in goals (28)
 First in assists (43)
– First in points (71)
 Second in power play points (11)
– Third in shots (188)
– Second in shooting percentage (14.4 percent)

As you can see above, Domi has meant a ton to this hockey team in terms of offense. The team is currently (April 2)14th in the league in the goals scored and a lot of that has to do with the play of Domi.

Domi has also added more speed to this team’s style of play. The Canadiens were already a fast hockey club that used their speed to create offense, but Domi has helped make this team even faster by being able to get up and down the ice quickly, beating opponents to the puck, and creating a lot of scoring opportunities.

Another element that Domi has given this hockey club is toughness, something his father Tie did with every hockey club he played for. Despite being on the shorter end size wise, Domi, who currently (April 2) leads the team with 80 penalty minutes, has shown that he is not afraid to go into the corners to battle for pucks, is fearless when it comes to going to the front of the net, that he can take a hit, and that he can fight when he is needs to.

What’s also great about Domi is that he is still very young and has not even hit his prime yet. This means that he still has a lot of time to get even better than he is now, mature in terms of his body, and continue to work on being a complete player.

As of this writing (April 2), the Canadiens are tied with the Columbus Blue Jackets with 94 points each. Each team has two games remaining, but the Blue Jackets have have three more regulation/overtime wins (ROW), which means that they currently hold the second wild card spot.

With two games remaining for each club, it is imperative that Domi steps up in a big way. For the first time in his career, Domi is playing meaningful hockey games in April, which means that his team’s next two games will be the most important of his career to date.

If Domi can play the way he has all season in long in the team’s next two games, the club will have a very good chance to get into the playoffs thanks to his offense and fine play overall.



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