Don Sweeney deserves credit for the Bruins’ Game 1 victory

The Boston Bruins face off against the Columbus Blue Jackets in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and this series is going to be very physical. The Blue Jackets under coach Tortorella beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in one of the biggest upsets in sports. Not only did they win but they swept the Presidents trophy winner. They put everything on the line for the win but last night the Bruins defense was too stout for the Jackets to handle.

Both Blue Jacket goals were off of deflections that Rask had no chance of getting and they scored in s span of 13 seconds to take the lead. But the resilient group of the Boston Bruins didn’t give up. With Charlie Coyle and Marcus Johannson leading the way in this game both guys came here at the trade deadline and both saved the B’s in Game 1.

This game looked like it could be one that the Jackets steal on the road just like they had done to Tampa but the third line of Coyle, Wagner, and Johansson was determined to win this game. The Bruins got all three goals from the bottom six forwards in the lineup and it was needed since the first​ line and the ​second line couldn’t​ finish​ off any chances. Pastrnak looks like he is hurt and clearly isn’t himself. He has turned into a turnover monster and can’t get out of his own way since Jake Muzzin got in his head from Toronto​.

With the overtime and game-tying​ goal coming from two trade deadline guys I think one Mr. Sweeney deserves some credit. He got a lot of heat at the deadline for not selling the entire farm for Stone, Simmonds or another one of these big powerful forwards and instead of getting a solid two-way​ center and another playmaker to help on the third or possibly second line. The addition of Coyle and Johansson has been huge for this team adding another place for scoring to come from and adding depth where it was desperately​ needed.

The Bruins outplayed the Blue Jackets most of the game and had to go into overtime to end it 3-2. Coyle and Johansson continue to impress as of late and it makes Sweeney look pretty good right now considering they are the odds​ on favorite to win the Stanley Cup. Don’t put too much stock into this because Tampa was the odds on favorite and now they are golfing. Don’t underestimate the Blue Jackets in this one, they could come back for Game 2 and look like a totally different team.

Photo from Stanley Cup of Chowder


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