Duckboats Cued: A World Series Parade Recap

“Cue the duckboats!”

The four words that a Boston sports fanatic loves to hear. A week ago, the Boston Red Sox won the 2018 World Series. Obviously, you know this because you don’t live under a rock, but what you may not know is that the victory parade in Boston was on Wednesday of last week.

(USA Today)

The 2018 World Series victory celebration was held on Boylston Street and surrounding locations of Fenway Park. It was electric. It was amazing. It was awesome. It was incredible. It was epic. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and guess who was able to live in that glorious moment? That’s right, ya boy was on Landsdowne Street, right outside of Fenway. Like the die-hard fan I am, I made the 7-hour drive up to Beantown from Baltimore, MD. Instead of watching the historic celebration from my classroom or dorm room, I decided to take the moment in for myself.

Boston Globe

After making the trek up, I saw the best team ever hoist up the greatest trophy in all of sports for the Boston faithful. We watched players scream to the top of their lungs, recordbthe experience for themselves, and get absolutely trashed on the duckboats.

I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch the 2018 Red Sox celebrate their fourth World Series title in this century and their 9th all time. I couldn’t miss watching drunk college kids climb on top of buildings, gas stations, billboards, and office buildings. I couldn’t miss being in the crowd as 1.5-million people chanted “Yankees Suck.” Is this mature, Bostonians? No. Will us Massholes ever deny the opportunity to shove it up New York’s ass? Absolutely not. They only did it to us for decades.

The one thing I did not like, however, was that the World Series trophy was damaged during a beer-throwing match between some of the players and fans. A fan was arrested during this encounter, but in what I think was just “fun and games” may not turn out to be good for the Sox. Just like the 86-year “Curse of the Bambino,” we know that the baseball gods do not like it when you mess with their shit, let alone break it. So while I am enjoying this parade and this high that I have from the Red Sox, I am now on edge until we win this thing again, because it would be a shame if this is how another World Series drought begins. But if it, did I can now die in peace knowing that I got to celebrate with the best team ever.

On October 29th, 2018, the Red Sox won the 2018 World Series. On October 31st, 2018, the Red Sox celebrated in the streets in Boston as the best baseball team this century. This was Boston’s 37th championship parade ever. THIRTY-SEVEN!!! Does Boston have a parade problem? You tell me.

I’m not sure when Boston will be able to celebrate another world championship, but I can tell you one thing… If I have to wait more than 365 days for the next one, I’m going to be livid. It’s ridiculous that Boston made us wait just over 200 days for the last one. Ridiculous.

I wish each and every one of you could’ve experienced this incredible moment, like no other, with me, but sadly, I can’t fit you all into my undersized car. Maybe next time we can get a Megabus and wreak havoc amongst the next Boston championship parade. Should be coming up soon. Below is a recap of the wonderful festivities.

One thing’s for sure… the 2018 Boston Red Sox are the best team ever, that’s simply a fact! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow me on social media to see more pics and videos from the parade.  Instagram and Twitter– @jcmoore19.

*Photo: WCVR Boston


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