Earl Thomas is Pissed

Earl Thomas has been a lead storyline in the NFL over these past few weeks. Entering the final year of his current contract with the Seattle Seahawks, the All-Pro safety has been disgruntled with his current situation. He wanted to be paid and to have financial security, plain and simple.

Like every disgruntled player, Thomas vocally made it clear to Seattle to either pay or trade him. This began ongoing trade rumors, with the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs being highlighted as the most likely landing spots for the last member of the famed Legion of Boom. However, neither team was willing to meet Seattle’s asking price of two second-round draft picks and the Seahawks were not willing to budge.

Still, rather than pulling a Le’Veon Bell and sitting out during the season, Earl Thomas showed up to work. Although he skipped team practices and meetings, he was there on Sunday to give his best for the Seahawks. Unfortunately, during today’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, Thomas’ biggest fears appeared to have come true.

It’s unclear here what the injury to Thomas was, but it was severe enough that he needed to be carted off the field with an air cast on his leg. Knowing that his season might be done, Thomas was not afraid to show his displeasure to Pete Carroll and the Seattle sideline.

Seriously? I’ll give you one guess who this gesture was directed at. Thomas is pissed off and rightfully so. The Seahawks screwed him.

I get it, Thomas has made millions of dollars during his career, but he wanted more financial security beyond this year in the event that this happened. He’s also arguably the best safety in the NFL, so it’s only right that he would want a raise. I also get the Seahawks not wanting to sell low on a great player, but if you know the guy is unhappy, then you should make an effort to deal with the situation so it doesn’t become a distraction. Absolutely FUBAR’d.

Earl Thomas’ season, along with his time in Seattle, may be coming to an end, but not before he gave one final “fuck you” to his bosses. To quote every Red Sox fan, you just really hate to see it.

Photo: The News Tribune



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