Mayweather Wants NO Smoke Stepping in the Octagon with McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has officially lost his shit. He didn’t have a lot of shit to begin with but now he has officially lost it. Tuesday afternoon, Mayweather posted a video of him entering the octagon.

There is a video of Floyd Mayweather not being able to read and this is still the dumbest thing he’s ever done. The Mayweather-McGregor beef, in my opinion, rekindling because if Mayweather is saying something, there’s no way McGregor can keep his mouth shut.

If this beef is alive again, the money would flow for both of them. Mayweather-McGregor II in an octagon would be so much better to watch than the original. While the original match would last a lot longer than the second, the sequel has an opportunity to a first in entertainment history. If Mayweather actually steps into an octagon with McGregor it will be the first time someone has died on pay-per-view. There is an absolute¬†0% chance Floyd wins in McGregor’s home. People (including myself) had that false sense that McGregor had a chance boxing and for a little bit, it looked like he could pull off some magic, but there is no way on this earth Mayweather can last a full round with McGregor. Don’t get me wrong though, I will once again pay $100 to watch this.

Personally, this is all hype. There is no way Mayweather’s camp lets him an octagon. If they do, they have something serious against Floyd. Now there is the argument “if Conor was able to train relentlessly and actually be able to get into a boxing ring with Floyd, why can’t he do the same?” Age. Conor is much younger and has never known anything other than MMA. If Floyd is actually legitimately about this, he can train all he wants and shit, maybe he’ll be able to stand toe to toe. But McGregor has crazy. Floyd isn’t that type of animal. McGregor tried to rip his head off in a sport he barely knew, now you’re letting the kid come home? Conor by a million.

And Conor’s making this one a family feud.


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