Free Agent Classes: 2017 vs. 2018… the two studs pictured above headline this year’s FAs. But have you seen 2018 FAs..?!

Notable Free Agents in 2017 Offseason:

-Yu Darvish

-J.D. Martinez

-Eric Hosmer

-Jake Arrieta

-Lorenzo Cain

-Wade Davis

-Mike Moustakas

-Jay Bruce

-Todd Frazier

-Carlos Santana

Notable Free Agents in 2018 Offseason:

-Ian Kinsler

-Zach Britton

-Adam Jones

-Manny Machado

-Kelvin Herrera

-Brian Dozier

-Andrew McCutchen

-David Robertson

-Nelson Cruz

-Josh Donaldson

Now that you’ve seen those names, you can understand why no team has been quick to pull the trigger on offering any of this year’s free agents a big money contract. Also not named on the list of Free Agents in the 2018 Offseason are names like Clayton Kershaw, David Price, Elvis Andrews, and Bryce Harper, who are either Unrestricted Free Agents or have an opt-out clause in their contract.

Hypothetically speaking, if a big-spending team like the Dodgers or the Yankees, or even my Red Sox, were to save money this offseason and prepare for the 2018 class, you could see one or two or even all three of those teams signing TWO OR THREE of these huge names of Free Agents. Of course there is the possibility one of those teams trades for Stanton this Offseason, and in that case, would owe him a ton of money and would only allow that team to maybe sign one of these big names in the 2018 Offseason. What’s exciting is that there are a TON of teams in the league that have unofficially admitted to saving the money or cap space for next year’s Free Agent class. That being said, will this year’s Free Agent class suffer? Yu Darvish didn’t pitch great for the Dodgers in the World Series, and Jake Arrieta didn’t do enough to help the Cubs advance past the Dodgers, so maybe teams will be hesitant to offer those guys the big money contracts we are used to seeing teams’ Aces get when they test the Free Agent market. Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain are tremendous and consistent ballplayers, but because of the lack of Postseason appearances in recent years, or because of the positions they play, team’s might feel they are settling for less if they were to spend on those guys instead of an Adam Jones, a Manny Machado, or a Josh Donaldson in the 2018 offseason.

But what’s even funnier, is that teams could just hold out like they did in the 2016 offseason. We expected to see free-agent-to-be, J.D. Martinez, to be dealt before the start of the season, but that didn’t take place until the summer when he was sent to Arizona to help them contend for a title. So while all of the players I mentioned may not end up in new places by Opening Day, their names will likely continue to surface in trade talks until next summer’s non-waiver Trade Deadline.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I can tell you who will be moved by Opening Day or who will be used as trade bait midseason around the trade deadlines to teams who are maybe contenders but aren’t quite there yet. Non-contending teams are famous for dumping franchise players for a quick few bucks before he hits free agency at the end of the season and they can’t get anything in return for him.

Nonetheless, this offseason is going to be interesting to keep an eye on. But what I feel is even more interesting at this point in time is that practically no moves or discussions have taken place. Who will make the first big move? Who will make a move at all? Or are we all just kind of on cruise control sitting back and relaxing until the 2018 Free Agent class?

Who knows…but I damn sure can’t wait to find out. All I can say for sure is that the Sox better grab one or two of those names of Free Agents in BOTH offseasons if they want to keep up with other contenders. It’s been 4 years since 2013 and I don’t know how much longer I can go without seeing a World Series Game at Fenway again. So get to work Dombrowski, pick up the phone make some calls, put some offers into play, but PLEASE keep what little we have left down on the farm in tact. I trust you…for now.

Go Sox!!


-Mikey T


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