From a New Yorker: Tipping My Cap to the Patriots

This has been a long time coming, but I would like to finally go ahead and tip my cap to the New England Patriots.

Truth be told, I have no allegiance to any NFL team. You folks already know that hockey is my pride and joy, but I am someone that follows the NFL as a whole.

With that said, I actually have a soft spot for the Pats. I went to college in MA and while there, I saw the franchise win two Super Bowls.

Well, on Sunday, February 3, the team went out and won their sixth Super Bowl. They won in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, and now this season.

If you’re counting at home, that six championships in the last 17 seasons. In sports, we call that a dynasty and when it comes to dynasties in the NFL, the Patriots are the best.

My admiration for them starts with Bill Belichick. He is a football mastermind who knows how to press the right buttons, knows what it takes to win in the NFL on a consistent basis, is truly passionate about coaching and football, and is someone that all professional sports coaches should model themselves after.

I also truly admire Tom Brady. He is the greatest quarterback of all-time and no one should be questioning that anymore.

Brady, like Belichick, is a football savant. He can pick defenses apart, does not make many careless mistakes, is the most clutch player in the history of the game, and is someone that the franchise has counted on ever since he joined the league.

My admiration for Brady has only grown over the years. He is a warrior, a champion, and someone who never gives up, even if the team is playing poorly or is seemingly out of the game.

As a whole, I believe that the team is built like a machine. The club has many key cogs that all work together on a yearly basis and because of that, the franchise is almost always automatic, at least as of late, in terms of winning their division and getting to the Super Bowl.

It should also be noted that there have been times when key cogs of the machine have fallen out (injuries). When that happens, Belichick finds a way to put in a new cog and when he does that, the machine goes back to running as smooth as ever and continues to win football games.

If you’re a Patriots fan then you have been incredibly lucky to have witnessed such greatness for well over a decade. With free agency, salary caps, arbitration hearings, injuries, and distractions, winning at this rate is incredibly difficult in professional sports.

Nevertheless, the Patriots have shown that they can overcome all of these things because they are a team-first organization. The players and coaching staff realize that they have to make sacrifices in order to win and while Belichick may be demanding, his players always buy in and do their jobs to win games.

I may be a New Yorker, but in my time on this earth (I’ll be 36-years-old on March 31), I have never seen a professional sports franchise do what the Patriots have done. It is time that I bow down to them.



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