From a Yankees’ Fan: A Tip of the Cap to the Red Sox

As a New York Yankees’ fan, I know what it’s like to have my favorite baseball team win a World Series.

I was around for the ’96, ’98, ’99, 2000, and 2009 championship seasons and man, it was a fantastic time. With that said, however, it is time to truly acknowledge just how great the Boston Red Sox have been over the last 15 or so seasons.

Ever since breaking the curse in 2004, the Sox have won more titles than the Yankees. Not only did they win in 04, but they also won in 2007 (Colorado Rockies), 2013 (St. Louis Cardinals), and now, 2018 (Los Angeles Dodgers).

It is time for me to tip my cap to the Sox. More specifically, I want to acknowledge just how awesome they were this season.

For starters, they were the best team in the entire league. From April to September, the Sox ran the table and they did it the right way.

This team could hit homers, play small ball, get reliable starting pitching on a consistent basis, and overall, be an extremely tough team to beat. The Yankees learned this the hard way not only in the regular season against them but also the postseason where the Sox completely annihilated the Yanks.

Secondly, I feel that the Sox have the best manager in baseball in Alex Cora. This was a guy that let his players play, understood what his team needed to do to win it all, and was someone who knew how to manage every situation in each game.

Cora outclassed Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone in every way this season. Cora knew how to manage his roster, knew how to use his bullpen, and knew how to get his team to come through when it was needed the most.

Lastly, this was a team that was really easy to want to root for. Remember, I am saying this as a Yankees’ fan.

The Sox have a roster that is filled with character, emotion, and they know how to play the game the right way. This team knew how to have fun, knew how to keep things light, and knew how to come together whenever they got knocked down.

A perfect example of this was after Game 3. The Sox lost this game in 18 innings and then managed to find themselves down 4-0 late in Game 4.

This situation would have made it easy for any team to concede the game and go into Game 5 tied at two games apiece. Not the Sox.

The Sox rallied and pummeled the Dodgers. They did not quit and showed that despite being knocked down just several hours earlier, they could come back and beat you.

Believe me, folks. This was not an easy thing for me to write considering that I was born and raised in New York, had a partial season ticket plan with my buddy in 2004, and saw my team win multiple championships.

With that said, I felt like the time was right to acknowledge the greatness of the Sox. This team deserved to win the World Series this season and with Cora at the helm, there could be more in the future as long as the Yankees do not get in their way.

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