Giants Take a Beating At Home

Thursday night was an awful game from start to finish. The Eagles are good, but nowhere near as good as the Giants made them look.

It’s easy to point the finger at Eli, and he does deserve some of the blame. Eli finished 24/43 with 281 yards. In his defense, it’s hard to complete passes when you’re getting bundled every other play. The Giants Swiss cheese O-line allowed 13 hits and 4 sacks. No wonder we end up with these Eli memes, the poor guy probably doesn’t know what day it is.

Not to mention the play calling has been all around atrocious. I’d hope at some point this coaching staff will realize you can’t run a WR screen every single play. With the exception of a couple standouts, the offense was pretty damn flat. Fifteen straight failed attempts on third down. Saquon was one of the few to show any hustle, pushing through coverage and getting more than half (229) of the Giants total (428) yards.

And the defense. It was good to have Olivier Vernon back, getting his first sack of the season and busting his ass all game to give this defense a fighting chance. But that was about it. The third quarter featured wide open Eagles in the middle play after play. There was absolutely no hustle, no energy from the defense. I think a lot of people expected Landon Collins to step up and be a leader, really headline this defense. Instead, he had numerous opportunities to make big stops and came up short just about every time.

The one glimmer of hope, of course, resides in Saquon Barkley. The rookie finished the night with 130 rushing and 99 passing yards, including a 50-yard touchdown run he made look like a waltz from the 20. It’s incredibly entertaining to watch him make every defender miss, literally hurdling over guys for yards. It’s a shame some people can’t seem to enjoy his talent because it’s a constant reminder of what the Giants didn’t get at the draft.

With that being said, it’s clear as day that this could and should be Eli’s last year. He’s meant so much to this team, and I’ll forever refer to him as my two-time Super Bowl MVP QB, but there’s only so far that can go. However, if you think that bringing a new QB in will immediately solve all the Giants problems, then you’re going to have a hellish few years. The Giants have issues that may start with but don’t end with their quarterback.

If nothing else, Thursday Night Football was a wake-up call for Giants fans, and you’d hope for the front office. This roster is in need of a total revamp, and fast.

Buckle up, it’s only Week 6.

Photo: Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports


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