Give 99 The C On His Chest.

Photo Credits: Adam Hunger/ USA Today Sports via Reuters.

This needs to be said.

Give the man the C. 

Aaron Judge is the captain of the New York Yankees. 

Judge was subbed into the game Friday night as a defensive replacement with the Yankees up 11-0, and the stadium gave the man a standing ovation.

The dude is straight up methodical. His first full season in the Bronx, he only goes and bats .285 with 52 homers, 100+ runs scored, 100+ RBIs, etc, etc; oh and they have an ENTIRE SECTION OF THE BLEACHERS CALLED THE JUDGE’S CHAMBERS. 

The Yankees visibly have struggled since Judge went down with the wrist fracture; and Yankees fans have kept up with his every move since then, begging and pleading for him back, which was absolutely correct to do. We need him in the lineup. That’s a fact. Maybe he wasn’t on the torrid pace of 52 and 115 again but with this clip: 285 26 homers 61 rbis on July 28th, he would’ve been on pace for yet another superbly productive season, presumably finishing with 40+ homers, and close to 100 rbis. 

#99 is not only an absolute force at the plate, with the threat at any given time of having an enormous impact at the plate, but also being a gold glove caliber right fielder, an area where he does not get nearly enough credit.

Judge makes phenomenal play after phenomenal play in the outfield, from the all-out diving catch onto the warning track in Tampa versus the Rays, robbing homers in the ALCS as he crashes his 6’7” 275lb frame into the wall at full speed, to throwing 110mph rockets to gun down guys at the plate; Judge is an all around, bonafide superstar.  

The 6’7” Monster, took on a challenge in the Bronx on becoming the next Yankees superstar and he’s taken it in full stride and ran with it. 

If the guy has a rough day at the plate, he’ll throw someone out trying to score, if he has a bad day in general, the media tries him with any questions they can and he handles it in the absolute classiest way possible. 

While being busy with business decisions, calls, and everything else; I got a notification today that made me whole day better. Tonight, versus the Boston Red Sox in the Bronx, Aaron Judge is batting 2nd and playing right field again for the Yankees.

Yankees family, REJOICE. 

We can All Rise, again, folks. 

From how beloved Judge is on the field, he is just as beloved off of the field. 

Man crush? Absolutely. Judge is my favorite Yankee since Jeter and it isn’t close.

Aaron Judge was made to be a New York Yankee. I think all Yankees fans can agree, Aaron Judge, needs that C on his chest. Judge is so unbelievably deserving of the honor, and he should be the Yankees next captain. 


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