Give Pablo One More Chance

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Yes I know this is an old picture of Pablo, but this kind of sums up his time here in Boston. It hasn’t been going good for Panda, he’s still fat, still injured, and still awful. It is very easy to understand why Sox fans have pretty much given up on him.

However, Pablo is pretty much all we’ve cut before we just take our losses at 3rd and move on with our days. This return to the MLB however can save Pablo, or at least give Sox fans something to hope for.

Let us look at the 3B options…

Marco Hernandez: Watching Marco play 3B is pretty much an effective means of torture, he flat out just sucks at 3rd.

Rafael Devers: I really like this kid, but he isn’t ready. Plain and simple

Deven Marrero: He can field, but his hitting just isn’t MLB ready. Sure he hit two ding-dongs last night but a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

The Trade Market: People who say get Frazier and Moustakas disgust me. Don’t get Dombrowski thinking before he trades Devers too.

So here we are, Pablo, who I think finally realizes his career is on the ropes here before the Sox just simply cut ties with him and this experiment that seemed like such a great signing to start with. I know I was certainly all for it. So who knows, maybe Pablo can finally get his shit together, I’ll drink to that.

Realistically all we need is like a .275 hitter there, and I’ll be happy. I think most of Boston would be.


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