Goals Galore in the NHL

When it comes to the start of this NHL season, pucks are going in left and right.

This was especially the case in Calgary on October 25. The Pittsburgh Penguins came into the Calgary Flames’ building and completely hosed them down by a score of 9-1. Yes, you read that score right.

While high scores have been the norm to start the year, a score like this is pretty rare these days. Normally, a team’s defense will learn to adapt as the game moves on, but clearly, the Flames did not get the memo and were awful.

Period after period, goals kept going in against the Flames. The Pens scored three in the first, four in the second, and two in third on 36 shots, which certainly isn’t a bad shooting percentage. 

What’s embarrassing for the Flames is that all, but three Penguins had at least one point tonight. When you have fourth liners producing in the game, that’s how you know your defense is having an awful night.

The Flames weren’t the only team to have trouble keeping the puck out of their net that night. In St. Louis, the Blues gave up 7 goals to the Columbus Blue Jackets as Blues’ netminder Jake Allen once again had a rough night for his hockey club.

Sure, his defense didn’t help him out much, but sooner or later, Allen needs to make some saves. He stopped 17 of 21 shots and has been absolutely terrible this season. In fact, he has allowed 9 goals in his last two games as his goals against is now 3.93, which clearly is not going to cut it in the NHL and has already put his team behind the eight ball in the early portion of the season.

As of October 25, 65 goals were scored in 10 games. I’m no mathematician, but I do know that is an average of just over six goals per game.

The amount of goals being scored so far is awesome for the fans. No fan wants to low-scoring tilts anymore so right now, they are getting a plethora of goals to start the season.

With that said, however, I bet this is driving head coaches crazy. Sure, their team can score all the goals they want, but if they cannot keep it out of their own net, then it is not going to matter It will be interesting to see how long this keeps up.

You would think that teams are going to make the necessary adjustments to keep the puck out of their net, but so far, whatever they are doing clearly is not working.



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